Children relate to the world through exploring, listening, observing, experimenting and asking questions. This happens through motivation and interest from a child. When something is intriguing to them, they ask questions, they want to do it and to them, their little brilliant minds can achieve anything.

Hands on learning and feeling like they are part of something and getting engaged in activities helps them as if they understand why it is they are going to school or why they need to know things. But the most brilliant thing is a child’s mind and the way they think and behave. It’s pretty amazing and it is something that no one can understand but all we know is that it’s important and it’s at that little age when what they do and learn helps them while growing up.

The way children think and relate to the world in terms of language, object perception, surroundings, and relationships with family and friends comes back to them through their brains like a cycle. They interact with the world how they see it fit and through what they have observed, heard or experienced.

Children are naturally curious beings and that’s one of the things that drives them to learning. Eating new food, learning new words or games, having new toys and figuring out how something is done. Every stage in a child’s life is affected by relationships through experiences. It’s like giving them building blocks and them figuring out how or what to make and to them it’s beautiful and exciting.

As kids grow older they become more aware and demonstrate a basic comprehension of what they have learnt. Everything your child learns is a progressive milestone.

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