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At Little explorers, we have a team of well trained teachers, teaching assistants and nannies readily available to attend to the children throughout the day. Our staff have continuous training programs throughout the year and are under constant monitoring to make sure they don’t deviate from our mission and deliver the best service and care to the children.

Michael Chanda

Head Teacher/Teacher 2nd Grade:The Little Astronauts (6-7 Years)

I love the Relationship I have with my students. I love listening to their stories, playing with them and putting together fun explorative science experiments, having a go at mental math as well as celebrating their achievements and birthday.

The school system in itself is brilliant (Play based Learning) which has helped create lessons that are engaging while at the same time being effective  for our little learners. And its beautiful environment for co-curricular activities.

Fun Fact: Every Morning before lessons I allow for some laughing time with my students, laughter is a great food for the soul and sets a wonderful mood for my day.

Wilma Chanda

Teacher 1st Grade: The Little Cygnets (5-6 Years)

I like being a teacher at Little Explorers. It has a superb environment that is easily adaptable to children and creates a peaceful learning environment through play additionally provides for a favourable atmosphere to carter for the effective progress of the little ones. Furthermore there are manageable classrooms with great setups and lovely members of staff and quality teaching.

I like my class. It is ever interactive, it’s fun, involves critical thinking, patience and tolerance and enhances my passion daily.

Fun Fact:  my character is a mixture of  everything,which pop up at the desired time like popping popcorn.

Mercy Phiri

Teacher Reception: The Little Troopers (4-5 Years)

What I love about my class is when I get to share my knowledge with the little ones because every single day I make a difference in each child’s life which goes beyond knowledge. One other thing I love about my class is when we make discoveries of  new things as a team, seeing the excitement on their faces, gives me a very rewarding feeling.

I love Little Explorers Nursery School because of its working culture which is unique and fun, but quality filled. The members of Staff are awesome, the environment is so welcoming, which both collectively provide an excellent learning environment for children; to develop and attain their milestones. As a teacher I have grown in so many ways and learnt a lot of different things in my career, and for that I am forever grateful for being a part of this amazing family.

Fun Fact: I am a teacher with a keen sense of child development and love for all children. I am enthusiastic, fun loving and have a genuine interest in both children and their families. I love to travel , read, take part in Zumba, listen to music and  I am terrified of snakes and heights.

Sumayah Pandor

Assistant Teacher Baby Class: The Little Bumble Bees (2-3 Years)

I am a teacher at Little Explorers , a school that is centered around play based learning with great standards. I absolutely love working at Little Explorers, it has so much to offer, they have amazing and colorful classrooms, a beautiful yard where the kids can run and play. A pool for the summertime and a music room where the kids sing and dance, which they love to do. I have the joy of being the teacher for babyclass – the bumble bees. It really is a privilege to work with these kids. Teaching them and singing with them , but ultimately having fun with them and making each day unforgettable. Little Explorers is a school that ensures that kids get the education they deserve and make the work environment fun.

Fun Fact: I am always positive, cheery and count myself as a unicorn because i’m bubbly. I love laughing and making kids laugh, I am an easy-going and loving person.

Afifa Ahmed

Teacher Middle Class: Little Cubs (3-4 Years)

I teach at Little Explorers. One thing I love about my class is that it is very attractive and creative which catches the attention of the students . Students of Little Cubs are very fast learners. The age group of my class is 3-4 years. They are very smart . One thing I like about the school is that it draws from the Montessori Method which is very beneficial for the kids. It has a good safe environment and offers really fun activities.

Fun Fact: I am a very positive person, always happy and grateful. I am capable of doing more than one thing e.g sing. Dance, draw etc. I am actually studying Montessori and will proceed to child psychology.

George Bwalya

Teacher Reception Class: Little Troopers (4-5 Years)

My Teaching experience  at Little Explorers has been awesome, as I have come to appreciate its educational system that impacts learners holistic development as it encourages learner centered activities such as: Edu Fun, Splash, Math and Science club as well as musical lessons that have been incorporated in its system.

Further Little Explorers has a favourable and conducive learning environment as well as a caring management  system that looks out for its staff and clientele.

Since I love my career and having much passion about the education of young learners, I come to class highly motivated intrinsically and having such a mood boosts my learners as they respond positively to my objectives. The major thing I love about my class is the level of discipline exhibited by my learners and their interest and desire to learn as they see me already motivated, hence the need for high expectations for them.

I love troopers because they find learning fun through multiple activities that are presented to them.

Fun Fact: I love singing gospel songs and strongly believe in strengthening others by the word of God. Besides that, I love searching for knowledge based on my profession and always want to upgrade my school profession because I love studying and knowing much about my career prospect.

Sandra Kahwima

Nanny: Little Cubs (4-5 Years)

I am a Nanny and help for Little Explorers and the Little Cubs class specifically. What I enjoy doing is play, feed and take care of the children, making sure they are clean and looking presentable at all times. As well as ensuring that their surroundings are kept to the standard at all times.

What I like about Little Explorers is the kind of kids and teachers we have not forgetting the friendships we share and the closeness we have developed over the years.

Fun Fact: I like to talk a lot weather happy or sad

Ruth Kalunga Funga

Nanny: Bumble Bee’s 

I am A Nanny for the Bumblebees Class as well as the general help for Little explorers. What I like about Little Explorers is that the school team and teachers are very creative, organised and coordinated in their teaching. In Addition the management and the parents are very cooperative. The kids on their own are very cheerful and kind.

Fun Fact: I enjoy keeping the school clean, as well as playing with  and feeding the children.

Getrude Zulu

Nanny: 1st and 2nd Grade

I am a nanny for 1st and 2nd Grade Class. I help with the warming of their food and cleaning of their classes. My duties include cleaning and ensuring that the food the children are consuming is of hygienic standards.

I am overall a helper at Little Explorers Nursery. I like Little Explorers because it draws from play based learning with great standards. I absolutely love how they teach the kids.

Fun Fact: I love to make peace with everyone around me. I am capable of laughing with everyone, I am a peacemaker, forgiving too.



Hannah Fairs-Billam

Sam and Hannah Fairs-Billam

Sam and Hannah are the co-founders of Tehila. Originally from the UK, the pair, along with their two daughters, have called Zambia home since 2012. Through the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia they have worked as Child Protection Officers all while keeping close ties with the local community and church. During their stay in Zambia, Sam and Hannah have become engrossed in Zambian culture and its people.

The kaisers

Andrea and Daniel Kaiser

The Kaiser family share a passion for assisting underprivileged orphans. This passion has seen them work in Uganda and now Zambia. The Kaisers are currently working with Africa Revolution with a special emphasis on their gap year program.

Valarie Harwood

Valarie Harwood

Valerie Harwood has 13 years teaching experience in the UK, followed by 5 years in Zambia developing the iSchool curriculum from initial concept to full production.  She has been fully involved in curriculum development, the writing of a range of educational resources, and the production of materials for the training of local Zambian teachers.  She is passionate about improving the quality of education for all learners – helping them to reach their full potential in their lives which has led to the creation of the Reading Box.

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