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There are so many things that change when your kids are on break from school. And as such there is a constant need to adjust and readjust.

Here is a list of a few things that can help you get back to your routine as a parent once your kids get back to school.

  1. Get back to your previous sleep routine, it’s important for both you and your kids to get back to the sleep routine in order to have enough rest for the next day.
  2. Shop for school supplies with your kids, you will never know, they might help you point out what you have left out and tell you what they need.
  3. Re-establish a work station that helps you be up to date and involved in your kids school life.
  4. Come up with an adjusted plan for television and for chores that enables your kids to rest, be entertained and still be involved in the house.
  5. Leave room for the unexpected. You will never know what will happen next.

As a parent you need to be calm, positive, optimistic and reassuring and your child will definitely tap into your positive energy.

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